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Personal Work


Nike Adapt - Retail Experience

Winning the 2019 Applied Arts Retail Activation award, Central Station & Nike transformed Foot Locker’s House of Hoops Toronto into the future. We helped Nike launch their new self-lacing basketball shoe, “The Adapt BB”, by designing and building a futuristic Adapt Testing Lab. From the Tron-esque grid, to the custom leaderboard welcoming ‘test subjects’ to the Lab, to the Adapt Technicians in Nike-branded lab coats; everything was created to bring the future to Foot Locker Canada from the ground up. Take a peek at the futuristic testing lab we constructed inside a spare stockroom in HOH with this gallery. Let’s ball.

Charlie & Sam's - Branding & Packaging

I was tasked to redesign the Charlie and Sam’s Adventure line with packaging that showcased the origin stories behind each product. From Switzerland to the Sudan Desert, my goal was to invite the customer into each experience. Changed from classic browns and golds, I utilized bright colors and gradients to attract your eye from a shelf or within a gift basket.


I redesigned a total of 10 products (All shown in the gift basket view below):

Milk Chocolate Caramels, Dark Chocolate Drizzled Caramel Corn with Sea Salt, Milk Chocolate Cashews, Maple Cream Bites, Grand Cran Trio: Chocolate and Yogurt Covered Cranberries, Milk Chocolate and Mint Bites, Pretzedential: Milk Chocolate Pretzels, Triple Passion Cookie, Chocolate Chip Cookie, Nutorious Caramel Popcorn with Pecans and Almonds.

Inner Element Gallery -
Branding & Web Design

A team of two sisters approached me with their passion project, Inner Element Gallery. They wanted to create a brand where they can sell their crystals and share positive energy. The brand was then extended into a place where artists can have a space to sell online. Even when the brand expands and they bring in more artists, they don’t want to lose where they started and that is with crystals. Not only

is it the base of their brand, crystals represent energy and the end goal for the brand was to create a positive and happy vibe. I designed a full brand identity along with their gift box design, thank

you cards, and social media templates.

IKO - Social Media Design

In March 2020, I took on the social posts for one of our clients, IKO Roofing. They have 3 major sub-brands each tailored to a different audience and each with slightly different branding. There is IKO which is the general residential brand, IKO Commercial and IKO ROOFPRO. These posts need to be adapted to different formats and sizes depending on where they will live online. In addition to social media design, I also design the Google Ads, Trade Publications, Paid Media Ads, and Youtube artwork for their Elevated series. I work closely with our internal social media manager to gather the upcoming content and to receive translations for French and Spanish.

The Spot Rehab -
Rebrand & Web Design

The Spot Rehab is a Physical Therapy small business run by two friends who started their practice in their basements. Now that they have been in their Unionville facility for a year, they wanted to redesign their online presence. Using their existing branding, I updated their website, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Facebook. I also provided them with staff headshots, facility photos and social media templates so their employees can update their own social accounts with The Spot’s brand.